We have Personalized Pathways to Optimize Your Workplace Health

Customize your ShaeWellness™ Services to maximize your experience. From one-on-one consultations to group training, to leadership programs, workshops and corporate wellness programs, ShaeWellness™ offers a variety of success tools.

New to Corporate Wellness?

It’s easy to get started. Introduce awareness, deliver expert advice, and provide tools, technology & resources around mental wellbeing and physical health for you or your staff today.

Mental Health & Precision Wellness Workshops (1 hr / Half day / Full day)

Our Workshops cover a macro to micro level of mental health and precision wellness, depending on your needs. We can upskill your team in the essentials of mental health or educate and empower them with the knowledge, tools and resources to successfully navigate mental wellbeing, physical health, company culture and productivity. Immersing your team in this knowledge is proven to improve both individuals and team success across stress, energy, productivity, plus much more... See More

Leadership Development Programs (14-day, 3 month, Yearly)

Our ShaeWellness Leadership Programs equip leaders with personalised communication and engagement skills. The program and content is tailored to your leadership needs and involves a combination of group sessions, individual consultations and resources that allow every leader to deepen their understanding of themselves, their team, and application of personalised principles. Leaders will gain the knowledge and clarity to confidently lead their teams to greater outcomes. See More

Corporate Wellness Programs
(30-day, Yearly)

Our signature Wellness Programs drive healthy results into the DNA of your business, proactively caring for the health and wellbeing of every individual employee 24×7. Combined with an AI-powered, evidence-based, behaviour change and healthy habit building Virtual Health Assistant app, Shae™ – your staff will have a robust ecosystem of unprecedented personalised wellness support. Results show greater mental and physical clarity for each individual that provides a lasting boost to the engagement, productivity, and performance of your business. See More

Looking to "Taste-Test" a Corporate Wellness Experience?

30 days of team bonding, fun prizes, healthy habits, mental wellness and AI-driven food, mood, sleep, stress and mindfulness guidance and support for each unique employee.

Designed for everyone, ready to launch and backed with the confidence of scientifically validated, evidence-based expert technology, tools and advice. Up to 88% improvements in mental wellbeing and physical health in just 30 days!

Are you ready for an AI-driven Workplace Wellness Immersion? The answer is always, YES!

Ready for an AI-driven Total Corporate Wellness Solution?

Shae’s precision intelligence is REVOLUTIONISING Corporate Wellness.

Why? Simply put, we just can’t bring ourselves to track data and give generic user-led health tips or programs. That’s what the other “world leaders” in corporate wellness do. We have the science, medicine and technology to do exponentially better. So we do.

How? Shae uses your smartphone to quantify key biological and psychological markers, then uses advanced Precision Health AI to create, deliver and support the perfect wellness plan for each unique employee.

What? Evidence-based, scientifically validated, medically proven, and trusted by medical doctors in 120+ countries, Shae’s pioneering AI provides personalised recommendations and real-time support for sleep, stress, food, mood and health like no one else on the market today.

Precision Health Coaching

As you know by now, everyone is different and the support needs of each individual are highly unique. We know that different people will benefit from different forms of further support. Some will require frequent check-ins with a coach; others will require more detailed information; or times when they can get together with similar individuals and feel the support of a like-minded group.

Your support system is unique to you. ShaeWellness™ has you covered with a variety of options to support you in the best way possible.

Live or Virtual Coaching

From one-on-one coaching to group coaching, ShaeWellness™ has a database full of Professional Health Coaches fully trained in personalized health and epigenetics, ready to deliver customized support to you. See More

Individual Coaching

Whether you or your staff find you need an accountability buddy or just a friendly shoulder to lean on, your Personalized Health Coach gives you that and so much more. Once you allow your coach access to your coaching interface, your personalized health program bursts alive with incredible insights. Discussing, understanding, and realizing more in-depth insights from your ShaeWellness™ profile means you have a crystal clear pathway to reach your full potential. See More

Group Coaching

For those who enjoy group discussions, or prefer to be a spectator (listening and implementing in their own time), the ShaeWellness™ Group Coaching focuses not only on your particular health needs (aka HealthType™) but also your particular department. A Crusader Accountant does not need the same coaching exercises as a Guardian Manager. And a Guardian Manager does not need the same coaching activities as an Activator Manager. The ShaeWellness™ coaching groups become your go-to for a collective of people who understand just what it’s like to be ‘you’ at work. See More

The Benefits Are Endless AND Lasting

ShaeWellness programs are designed to deliver a precise and powerful kickstart, reset, or booster relevant to all levels of health in your workplace.

With genetically-accurate nutrition and lifestyle recommendations customized for each unique employee, ShaeWellness creates a fun, educational, and engaging wellness experience for each individual and the entire workplace from Day 1 so you can see real change.

Staff Wellness

by delivering personalized food, exercise and lifestyle advice

Engaged Employees

creating a health literate team who feel better from the inside-out

Happy Relationships

friendly competitions and team challenges at the core

Positive Culture

supporting all your staff to return to a fun and engaging workplace

Team Dynamics

conscious discussions, meaningful connection and team bonding

Healthy Results

driving results through rewards, incentives, games and activities

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