How it Works

Developed by an international team of independent doctors, researchers, and technology programmers for over 15 years, ShaeWellness uses a powerful epigenetics analysis platform informed by 100% evidence-based medical research.

ShaeWellness is the world’s first epigenetic data-tracking platform for corporate health and wellness programming.

The platform uses over 500 algorithms and 10,000 data points, per user,  to analyze body measurement and lifestyle stress data. The user is presented simple, customized, lifestyle and wellness recommendations through the friendly app, Shae™ – your Smart Health Assistant Experience.

The future of health and wellness lies in harnessing the power of technology, medical science, and research to deliver customized, low-cost, lifestyle recommendations and preventative health interventions that can be easily implemented at work and at home.

We’ve set up camp at this exciting intersection. Ready to help your company make the leap from generic to genetic health and wellness programs. This is the thrill of watching epigenetics at work.

Move From

Generic to Genetic

Siri for Your Health

Dubbed by the media as “Siri for your health”, Shae™ provides your staff with 24/7 support in real time in areas such as


Meal timing, frequency, specific nutritional needs for maximum energy outputs


Most effective activities and time of day to exercise to balance unique life stressors


Learn individual social strengths and natural aptitudes for teamwork and interpersonal relations


Learn which area of the brain processes info which influences perception and communication styles


What office set up will calm the mind and balance the health of each staff member to facilitate focus and concentration


Identify and maximize the genetic talents and natural strengths of each staff to foster confidence and innovation

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Personalized Solutions

Each employee has 24/7 online access to nutrition, fitness, stress management, environmental, productivity and relational support and advice, 100% tailored specifically to them.

Tailored Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches are trained and accredited to provide individualized support by anticipating genetic tendencies in motivation and accountability behaviours to support high success rates.

Corporate Interface

Manage productivity with the ShaeWellness Corporate Interface to schedule employee’s time, environment and job role to optimize their natural talents, innate strengths and brain wave rhythms.

Wellness Ambassador

Choose to utilize our specialized Health Coaching team or train in-house Wellness Ambassadors to manage your coaching and improve the health and performance of your team.

No More "One-Size- Fits-All" Programs

Your employees learn what they need to thrive, and how to get there. Your company learns how to effectively support optimum health in the workplace with limited time and resource investment.

ShaeWellness Corporate Portal

Understand and capitalize on understanding your employee’s most productive hours. Learn how to motivate and reward each staff member in a way that will resonate with their mind, while elevating their health.

Scheduling Insights

Learn when your staff can produce their best work and be most productive.

Natural Strengths

Build a team based on desired natural skills to increase cohesion and innovation.

Recognition that Resonates

Learn which method of recognition, reward, and motivation will inspire based on their genetic predispositions.

Individual User Manuals

When your staff understand how they can eliminate chronic pain, disease, low energy and even lower motivation, they can increase their immunity to elevate productivity, engagement, and happiness.

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