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Each employee ending the work day healthier
than when they started. How do we get there?

Precision Corporate Wellness.

“Personalized” is old news. The precision performance game changer is here.

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The most precise health & wellbeing insights on the planet

Ai-driven epigenetic corporate wellness & human performance

Quantifying, deciphering, and empowering the human potential inside each of us.


How do you feel this morning, Emma?


How are your energy levels now, Jin?


Stevie! Want some post-flight tips to feel fresh?

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"Personalized" isn’t good enough

Precise tools & technology you, your team, and organizations need to optimize the dna building blocks of healthy performance, and a flourishing culture at work.

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Environmental
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All-in-One Health Assistant

One vendor for 360° of mental, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, environmental health support to streamline admin


Authentic Engagement

Individual profiles and Team insights evolve and adapt each day in real time for dynamic notifications and nudges on in-the-moment needs



Faster onboarding & updating with simple smartphone photo scans for real-time checkins, non-invasive bio-metric assessments & wearables integration


% of members who see a result in less than 10 days!


Average number of app visits per week

5min 30sec

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For Employers

Full stack, all-in-one epigenetic ai-technology as the golden thread. Complemented by a unique ecosystem of education, coaching, and support resources precisely curated for each employee.

For Agencies/Consultants

Offering unparalleled technology, programming, and resources to exceed your client’s wellness journey needs. Demystify engagement and non-responders with precision wellness.

For Insurers

Access to evidence based, medically endorsed, scientifically proven intelligent technology to manage end-to-end health and wellness journey needs. Plug and play, or whitelabel options available.

For Visionaries

To achieve your vision, you need to access your full biological potential and performance. We’re redefining leadership, talent management, and life. How can we help you activate health to achieve your purpose?

The DNA of your business

A healthy bottom line starts with healthy humans. We’re redefining the new benchmarks of healthy leadership, conscious communication, and precision performance. Decoding the human genome and making a dna-specific healthy lifestyle plan accessible to the planet.

For healthy results in our professional, personal, and purposeful lives, together.

Finally, business performance and personal health in 1 platform

Bespoke tailored programs scaled to Executives, Management, Employees specific needs. Welcome to the customizable scalability power of ai-technology and epigenetics.

The only objective, science-based psychosocial profiling tool

No subjective profiling and self bias reporting. ShaeWellness is the only objective data-driven health and wellness platform with a built-in leadership and professional development program based on each participant’s biology and natural talents.

This is the next (r)evolution of psychosocial profiling for commercial, community, and personal outcomes. Where everyone wins.

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