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Has your corporate mental health and wellness program made the move from generic to genetic?

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Analyzing an individual’s unique DNA and gene expression through physical body and lifestyle data.

Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing

WHO reports “… lost productivity resulting from depression and anxiety, two of the most common mental disorders, costs the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year” begs the question – can your business afford to NOT empower mental and physical well-being at work?

Who is Shae?

Introducing Shae – finally you don’t need to keep on top of the current fads, the latest research, or even need to remember grade school Biology, or Health Sciences 101, to be healthy!

Shae is your personalized Virtual Health Assistant. Receive precise health and productivity recommendations in real time via phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smartwatch, or any connected device via interactive voice and text conversations.

Shae is Smart

Shae efficiently coordinates and integrates advice from doctors, researchers and geniuses, so you and your staff each receive individualized integrative insights to fast track results, increase productivity, and maintain energy levels at work and at home.

Shae is Healthy

Shae is here to support your staff be balanced and healthy. Shae is a dedicated Virtual Health Assistant to make healthy, informed choices easy! No more guesswork. Shae is here for you, so you don’t have to think, just DO!

Shae is your VA

Shae schedules your optimal work day, changes your lunch to compensate for your brain activity levels, creates a customized movement plan, and let’s you know how to fortify yourself when your immune levels may be low!

Owner’s Health Manual

ShaeWellness gives your staff their individualized User’s Manual for Optimum Health and Mental Well-being. Managers gain unprecedented insight into effective motivation and communication techniques for solo and group work. Executives learn how to create the ideal environment for a healthy, balanced workforce to thrive.

The information that ShaeWellness provides is groundbreaking, paradigm shifting, life changing – it really challenges the predominant notions that we’ve been conditioned to believe in.. People are going to be amazed at what they find out. I would highly recommend ShaeWellness – I think it can change our world, and the sustainability of our world.

Stephen Graham

HR Head – Often Design

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