Full-Stack Workplace Wellness Technology

Mental, physical, emotional, social, and environmental health made easy. One platform. One app. No two profiles are the same. ShaeWellness all-in-one precision wellness technology…

Builds Awareness

Individual psychological + physical biological drivers identified by advanced 360° non-invasive health assessment.

Cuts Overwhelm

Each individual gets customized insights on mental, physical, emotional, social, environmental health and strengths unique and relevant to them.

Saves Time

No more guess work on fad diets, fitness, mindfulness trends for best health. Managers gain biological insight on engagement, motivation, relational drivers & non-responders on their teams.

Delivering Performance Know-How

Does your team know their exact body and mind needs for balanced health & top performance?
Is your current personality profiling system telling your team exactly HOW to be their best?
ShaeWellness offers the ONLY workplace personality profiler with a built-in personalized health and wellness program.

Sure, they may be an INFJ, or an “inFluencer”, or a “Maximizer”, but are they given info to KNOW HOW to effectively feed and fuel themselves to DELIVER that strength & genius every day?

How can we help you?

Medically endorsed. Scientifically proven. Evidence based.

ShaeWellness presents

Australia's Healthiest Workplace 30 Day Challenge

Hundreds of companies got their teams onboard “Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge” – a 30 day corporate challenge focussing on mental health.  30 days of tracking engagement, connection, & impressive improvements! Congratulations to 2021 winners, STP Consultants, from Queensland, Australia! See their Award Acceptance Video below:

Runner Up Team:

Hoxton Medical Practice Management

Top 5 Winner:

Quilpie, QLD Shire Council

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Healthy results using Biology and Technology

We put your company wellness goals under the microscope for a personalized solution. What scope of support is your company seeking for staff? 

Micro Scope

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Environmental health status of each employee goes under the microscope. Advanced health technology scans,  assesses and delivers a 100% customized profile. Empowering staff with precise education & lifestyle support tailored specifically to them. No two profiles are the same!

Macro Scope

Expand the scope to include healthy inter-personal dynamics. Once team members are aware of their own biological and neuro-diversity, team members learn about each other. How different brains process information. How different biologies react to stress. Building healthy communication, awareness, and team work dynamics. 

Meta Scope

As individuals learn about themselves and teams learn about each member, your company grows healthy and awareness building conversations, interactions, with a shared and common language around health and wellness concepts. A healthy culture and community ecosystem emerges.

Educate and empower the healthy human IQ in your Team

No more guesswork. No more generic recommendations.

Whatever your company goals are, the ai-powered, evidence-based, behavior change and healthy habit building Virtual Health Assistant app, Shae™, gives your staff access to unprecedented precision wellness support 24/7.  Serving up simple, clear, customized guidance designed to activate healthy results in each employee at work, and at home.

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We Stand with #Tech4Good

GDPR compliance is just the beginning. ShaeWellness is a proud ambassador of #Tech4Good movement to use technology for transformative, supportive, and empowering social impact to improve the human condition and our global ecosystem.

The information that ShaeWellness provides is groundbreaking, paradigm shifting, life changing – it really challenges the predominant notions that we’ve been conditioned to believe in. People are going to be amazed at what they find out. I would highly recommend ShaeWellness – I think it can change our world, and the sustainability of our world.

Stephen Graham

HR Head – Often Design

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