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Corporate Wellness with Precision Accuracy*. Addressing mental & physical health, stress management, productivity, and performance. Drive healthy results into the DNA of your business with ShaeWellness.

*proven results in private and public companies dropping mental stress rates by 75% in 30 days

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Never before have your staff received the depth, relevancy, and clarity of their current mental and physical health status. Combined with an ai-powered, evidence-based, behavior change and healthy habit building Virtual Health Assistant app, Shae™ – your staff have a robust ecosystem of unprecedented personalized wellness support. Guaranteed to raise some eyebrows at work.

Down to their DNA

Stand aside, generic wellness programming. Move over swab tests, bodily fluid samples, and other lengthy genetic testing requirements. ShaeWellness technology has advanced beyond these cumbersome, resource-heavy approaches to give each individual genetically-accurate, medically-endorsed, evidence-based, 100% customized dynamic Profiles. Meaning, your Profile updates and evolves just like you do – as you age, change seasons, even re-locate!

Relevant Results NOW

No more waiting 4,8, sometimes 12 weeks to receive genetic reports back once fluid samples have been tested. A simple online Health Questionnaire requiring approx 30mins to complete, seconds to submit, to receive an immediate Wellness Profile. Download the Shae™ app for personalized support right away, and if you need extra support, we’ve got a global network of epigenetic trained health professionals and lifestyle coaches, too!

Mental & Physical Clarity

Is vegan best? Vego? Keto? Paleo? Oreo? Ok, so Oreo may not be a diet (maybe for some?!), but gone are the days of fad diet and lifestyle trend experimentation. 5am club? Hustle n grind? Not a healthy strategy for everyone. Even morning bootcamps can cause more harm than good for some! What’s your dna-driven healthiest lifestyle options? No two Profiles are the same, because each of us have unique DNA and lifestyle needs!

Has your corporate wellness program made the move from generic to genetic?

No more guesswork. No more average recommendations.

Simple, clear, customized guidance designed to activate healthy results in the DNA of each employee for healthy results at work, and at home.

Contact us to for a No Obligation chat to explore what personalization looks like for you and your company.

Who is Shae™?

Shae™ is your personalized Virtual Health Assistant. Users receive precise health and productivity recommendations in real time via phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smartwatch, or any connected device via interactive voice and text conversations (Think Siri for your health!).

Our signature ShaeWellness30 is an automated, AI-driven, 30 Day corporate wellness team-based challenge designed to collectively engage, motivate, and activate each staff member’s unique health journey. While focusing on a team end goal, ai-technology supports each employee through a completely customized wellness and behavior change program unique to them.

Keen to try a ShaeWellness30 to drive healthy results into the daily lives of your staff?

Join the upcoming “Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge” – open to all international contenders! Teams of 20 and under can register for FREE! It’s our way of supporting small-to-medium businesses hit hardest in 2020. 15% of all proceeds go to Mental Health programs and Health charities in Australia.

What is personalized health and epigenetics?

ShaeWellness sister company, ph360, has been pioneering epigenetic analysis technology and personalized health curriculum for health and medical practitioners for over 20 years. They are passing the torch to ShaeWellness to bring this chronic-disease reversing/performance enhancing intelligence to the corporate wellness industry. Over 20 years in the making, here’s a short and simple 2mins video explaining “just what IS epigenetics and personalized health?”…

We Stand with #Tech4Good

Data privacy rights are human rights. ShaeWellness stands with #Tech4Good movement to use technology for transformative, supportive, and empowering social impact to improve the human condition and our global ecosystem.

The information that ShaeWellness provides is groundbreaking, paradigm shifting, life changing – it really challenges the predominant notions that we’ve been conditioned to believe in. People are going to be amazed at what they find out. I would highly recommend ShaeWellness – I think it can change our world, and the sustainability of our world.

Stephen Graham

HR Head – Often Design

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