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We’re here to change the world for good. Are you?

Our Intention

It’s in our dna to continue to pioneer #Tech4Good human science and technology advancements for positive social impact. We’re driven to help humanity heal and thrive at work, at home, at play, at life by activating health from the inside, out.

Your Dream

Your dream, your vision, your mission boils down to one critical factor – your health. You need to be healthy to perform in body, mind and spirit to make your dream your reality. If you’re looking to impact the world in a big, positive way, let us help you get there.

Where physical, digital & biological intersect

Our human-entered technology gives you and each employee unprecedented access and insight into their best lifestyle habits for top performance in all areas of life. Giving instructions on how to show up as your best self in delivering your genius and flow to the world.

Hear from Yellow (Pages) New Zealand, how ShaeWellness meshes perfectly with their Māori Corporate Culture

The universal principles and all-in-one health and wellbeing platform ensures ShaeWellness integrates seamlessly with any corporate culture honouring respect, diversity, equality, and inclusion. Book your Corporate Pulse Check to learn more today.

A healthy team gets healthy results.

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