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The advanced epigenetic technology, education, and integrative health lifestyle programming offers unprecedented access to quantifiable health analytics, data and metrics for you, and your network.

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Covering Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social, Cognitive, and Environmental Health for users, all in one simple to use platform. Relevant, timely, and dynamic. And it updates and evolves as your members do.

Engagement Ecosystem

Precision Experience for Easy Adoption

From daily nudges, to gamification, to learning modules, epigenetic behavioral science informs, calculates, and pushes the precise ecosystem of support to each user, increasing natural adoption and engagement rates.

Over 70% of our people experienced reductions in blood pressure in 30 days following ShaeWellness, our connection and motivation scores also went up by 30% across the board.
Fiona McBryde, People First Manager

Yellow (Pages), New Zealand

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