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Important Details

Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge starts on Tuesday June 15th, supporting you to feel happier, healthier and even more fulfilled at work! During this 30-Day Challenge, you’ll receive daily notifications & emails to help keep you full of energy, using your natural talents and loving each day.

Weekly Call Timing:

  • 15 June, 12pm AEST
  • 21 June, 12pm AEST
  • 28 June, 12pm AEST
  • 5 July, 12pm AEST
  • 12 July, 12pm AEST
  • 19 July, 12pm AEST

Getting started is simple

Welcome Team Leaders! By now you should have received a few emails from us with some information about the Challenge – if you haven’t seen them yet please go into your inbox (or maybe spam folder?) and read them.

With time nearing the onboarding period, here are a few actions you should take now so you are ready for early June.

1. Engage your Leadership Team

This Challenge will deliver the best results and ROI if your leaders are on board right from the start! If you are not the leader of your business, reach out to educate your leaders on this great initiative.

2. Communicate with your team

Rally up your team and send them a communication about the upcoming challenge.  In that message, be sure to include a link to this page so they can save the key dates and read the common FAQs.

3. Start collating your data

In early June we will be asking you to enter into a portal the Challenge participants from your business.  We will need first name, last name and email address.  We recommend you start collecting this sooner than later!

Meet The Challenge Support Team

We Are Ready To Support You Through This Amazing 30-Day Challenge
Rebekah Morrison
Co-Founder of Shae

Rebekah’s personal and professional passion for health and wellness has fueled her creativity in communication media, cognitive processing, and behavioural change. As a qualified Health Professional with a business background from Adelaide, Australia; building a physiotherapy clinic for high performance athlete support in SA and QLD laid the groundwork required to monitor the variances of interpretation and preferred modes of effective communication with clients, as well as business operations. Rebekah brings her solid background in communication, behaviour change, and health science to ShaeWellness digital products and services.

Katey Leigh
Co-Chair, Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge

Holding two decades in public and private corporate sectors, Katey is an enthusiastic fan of personalised health – a direct result of her own experience. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, and now on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Katey holds an Ma. Professional Communications specialising in International and Intercultural Communications; three international peer-recognised awards; and a Personalised Health Coach endorsement. Combining her professional background with her personal passion for health and wellness, inspires her every day. Katey has a specialisation in the area of biologically-driven communication, leadership, and relational tendencies. This focus on the human psyche guides powerful shifts for Leaders and Staff Members. Healthy communication starts with a healthy you.

Dr Cam McDonald
Leading ShaeWellness Consultant

From Gundegai NSW, now residing in Brisbane QLD, Dr Cam is a leader, educator, scientist, motivator and a Crusader on a mission. As an educator and mentor to hundreds of health professionals, a dedicated health practitioner, and coach to thousands of individuals over his career, Cam has a wisdom and manner that allows people to confidently take a positive step towards their best life. Working with ShaeWellness and the principles of how the brain and body are interconnected systems, has allowed him to support individuals to fully understand their natural make-up, and harness their natural strengths to support their endeavours in health and careers.

Anne Larson
Shae Coaching Expert

From the Sunshine Coast QLD, Anne holds over 34 years in mental health, therapy, coaching and education. She has trained as a Mental Health Social Worker, and in Family, Narrative, Acceptance & Commitment Therapies with further training in Brain Working Recursive Therapy. She received her Bachelor of Social Work, with a specialisation in Family Therapy, from Sydney University. Personalised Health and Epigenetic application has revolutionised her approach with her clinical application and resulting benefits. She could not fathom seeing her work without this integrative approach. Anne has managed the operational delivery of large mental health counselling services and provided clinical leadership and supervision to Psychologists, Social Workers, Drug and Alcohol Counsellors, Counsellors and Mental Health Nurses using reflective practice in both individual and team settings.

Introducing You To Shae™

Your Virtual Health Assistant For The Challenge!

ShaeWellness uses the Shae™ app – the ultimate tool for personalised health info given to you in real time, right at your fingertips.  You will get access to Shae™ during the Challenge!

Simple to navigate

A user-friendly dashboard displays your profile in full colour

Easily downloadable

Available on Apple and Google App Stores

Health without thinking

Shae™ is designed to be your personal virtual health assistant

Personalized health insights

To increase energy, productivity, and health levels while at work and at home.


See more on the modules within Shae™ by scrolling down past the FAQs section.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Read below, or contact us anytime.

What is the 30 Day Health Challenge?

The 30 Day Health Challenge is 30 days of focusing on YOU! It’s a way for companies to demonstrate to their staff they are committed to supporting you to be the happiest and healthiest version of you have ever been!

It’s also a fun way to rally together with your coworkers to support one another in improving your health in a positive, collaborative, and supportive environment, with a little friendly competition thrown in the mix for a dash of excitement.

And it’s 30 days of FUN! We know the skeptics will say “You can’t say ‘challenge’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence.” But that’s exactly what we mean. ShaeWellness & Shae are on a mission to make healthy living a fun, rewarding, and engaging experience at work and at home.

Why am I participating in this?

You are participating in this 30 day health and wellness challenge because you are being given an opportunity to access the world’s first epigenetic (genetics + lifestyle) health calculator that delivers individualized health information tailored specifically to YOU.

You are one very lucky person! Your team are showing their commitment to you and your health by facilitating this rare opportunity to learn what makes you and your body healthy at a genetic level.

It starts with you – getting to know yourself, discovering how unique you are, and what works for you regarding food, stress, sleep, movement, social interactions and teamwork, environment, natural talents and the time of day that is best for all these things!

We just happen to be the experts in this area and are excited to take you on this journey of discovering what is best for YOU.

What do I have to do?

You are gaining access to personalized health insights unlike anything you have seen before. To receive this unparalleled level of customized information, you and your coworkers will follow 4 simple steps:

1. Make a full-on commitment to your own health for 30 Days by following the insights on your ph360 profile and Shae app

2. Track your results for 30 Days either daily or weekly

3. Check in with Shae, and tell Shae how you’re doing in your weekly “Health Check In”

4. Turn up and get involved in your LIVE 45mins HealthChat call each week over the 4 weeks

And watch your stress, confusion, and overwhelm melt away as you learn what is best for your unique body, and begin to FEEL the results – sometimes almost immediately!

What should I expect?

Expect fantastic results and you will receive them!

Expect to have fun!

Expect to learn fascinating insights!

Expect a little friendly competition! 🙂

But seriously…if you commit to your health and wellness, you can expect to get healthy and happy (and even some fun during your initial detox). The camaraderie, support, teamwork, and connection increases the fun factor and the healthy challenge will improve your sleep, pain, stress, weight, and brain function. Everybody wins!

What is ShaeWellness and Personalised Health all about?

Browse the short videos below for some more insights!

Personalized health is the future of health

How is personalized health relevant to me?

How can I use it in my life?

Part 1: Welcome to the future of health

Part 2: Welcome to the future of health

Part 3: Welcome to the future of health

Part 4: Welcome to the future of health

Part 5: Welcome to the future of health

This is Epigenetics at Work

Shae™: Your Virtual Health Assistant


Foods ranked by best nutritional value for your unique needs


How will you master yours?


How should you connect?


Find out what fitness means for you


Your space and environmental needs


How will you leverage your natural strengths?