Mental Health Results Worth Talking About

Our research shows over 75-80% of employees have a moderate or higher risk of depression and/or anxiety; and for middle Managers it’s even higher. In less than 30 days, over 75% of individuals in high risk categories saw a clinically-relevant reduction in stress, anxiety and depression.  These are results we can’t keep to ourselves!

Join ShaeWellness CEO, Katey Leigh, and VP Education, Dr Cam McDonald (phD) as they highlight the profound results and meaningful statistics, including some inspiring case studies.

What To Expect From This Webinar

Is your Corporate Mental Health Provider getting you results? With the global pandemic forcing Mental Health support to go mainstream, provider demand is at an all-time high. Effective solutions with proven results are critically important.  ShaeWellness, the corporate wellness branch of ph360 & Shae, has been achieving astounding mental health results in workplaces, and we just have to share it IS possible to get healthier at work!

During the pandemic, our all-in-one workplace wellness technology has been consistently changing lives, and transforming corporate cultures. Addressing mental, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and environmental health, employees, managers, and executive teams have witnessed big shifts in as little as 10 days.

  • What are the most common Corporate Mental Health Programming issues blocking results (and how guard against them!)
  • What Corporate Mental Health Providers DON’T want you to know
  • How Global Brands are using AI-Technology and Precision Health to support their employees
  • Meaningful Mental Health results businesses are experiencing 
  • Simple optimization solutions, tips, and tools to easily integrate into daily life

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Your Speakers

Katey Leigh HeadShot (3)
Katey Leigh, MaPCOMM
CEO, ShaeWellness

Holding two decades in public and private corporate sectors, Katey is an enthusiastic fan of precision health – a direct result of her own experience. Katey has been apart of ShaeWellness from Day 1, bringing her corporate background and stakeholder engagement experience to lead the science team into corporate wellness.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Katey holds an Ma. Professional Communications specialising in International and Intercultural Communications and multiple international peer-recognised awards. Combining her professional background with her personal passion for health and wellness inspires her every day. Katey has a specialisation in the area of biologically-driven communication, leadership, and relational tendencies. This focus on the human psyche guides powerful shifts for Leaders and Staff Members. Healthy communication starts with a healthy you.

Dr Cam McDonald
VP Education, ShaeWellness

Dr Cam is a leader, educator, scientist, motivator and a Crusader on a mission. As an educator and mentor to hundreds of health professionals, a dedicated health practitioner and coach to thousands of individuals over his career,  Cam has a wisdom and manner that draws out the best in people allowing them to confidently take a positive step towards their best life.

One of the lightbulb moments for him was understanding that individuals are built with unique biology. Not just physical (nutrition and exercise) biology, but the way each individual mentally and emotionally navigates the world is built into their genetics and development as well. Working with ShaeWellness and the principles of how the brain and body are interconnected systems, has allowed him to support individuals to fully understand their natural make up, and harness their natural strengths to support their endeavours in health and careers.

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  • Meet Shae – Your Mental Health Assistant at Work
  • Shae assists with daily tasks, team communications, stress management, lifestyle choices, movement breaks, relationship dynamics, work motivation and relaxation activities. Delivered via scientifically-validated interactive AI, Shae is the full-stack solution for mental health and optimal wellness in the workplace.
  • Developed by doctors, and trusted by companies such as Google, Facebook, Philips, Coca-Cola and CommBank, you can rest assured knowing you are in safe hands to improve mental health, reduce health risks, balance stress, increase company culture and reignite fulfillment and satisfaction within your organization.
  • Try our 30-day wellness challenge today to experience first-hand how Shae AI can redefine individual and collective wellness in your physical or virtual workplace.

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Mental Health Results Worth Talking About

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