ShaeWellness30 for K2 Elite

Your Complete 30-Day Wellness Immersion – an invitation from Dr Cam. Starting Jan 31st, 2022.

Giving you access to your best self by driving real and lasting improvements in mental & physical health, stress management, productivity, and performance.

Don’t Worry, You Are in Good Company

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Your free registration is compliments of the Kerwin Rae Team. ShaeWellness30 is designed to deliver a precise and powerful kickstart, reset, or booster relevant to all levels of health.

Were you intrigued and fascinated by Dr Cam’s session on individuality and how this influences performance? Grab your opportunity to access the world’s leading technology and science insights discussed by Dr Cam.

With genetically-accurate nutrition and lifestyle recommendations customized for each unique individual, the ShaeWellness30 creates a fun, educational, and engaging wellness experience for each individual from Day 1.

This immersion will feature precision protocols proven rapidly improve mental and physical health outputs.

Staff Wellness

by delivering personalized food, exercise and lifestyle advice

Engaged Employees

creating a health literate team who feel better from the inside-out

Happy Relationships

friendly competitions and team challenges at the core

Positive Culture

supporting all your staff to return to a fun and engaging workplace

Team Dynamics

conscious discussions, meaningful connection and team bonding

Healthy Results

driving results through rewards, incentives, games and activities

Are you ready to experience the world's leading precision wellness technology in pursuit of your best performance?

Powerful Science.

ShaeWellness30 is a fully immersive wellness program, scientifically proven to help you and your employees improve their health outcomes, create new healthy habits, and look & feel better in just 30 days.

Complete wellness support is delivered each day via:

  • Shae™ Virtual Health Coach
  • Meal & Snack Planner
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Movement Plans
  • Energy Booster Tips
  • Lifestyle Insights
  • Productivity Scheduler
  • Performance Reminders
  • Daily Motivations
  • Personalized Notifications

Performance in life and growth in business relies on your best health

When you understand how to see yourself and your staff as unique human beings – you quickly see their natural strengths . Then, each person feels seen, heard, and valued, for your workforce to align and your business to grow.

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