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GOLD Immersion

All K2 Elites receive this
  • 45 days access to ShaeWellness
  • Onboarding workshop + Readiness call
  • 5 x weekly 1 hour interactive sessions to enhance their application and results
    • Topics all listed below
  • Access to Messenger facilitated support groups
  • A Pulse check call to support you in your business integration of these principles

PLATINUM Immersion

Available now!
  • 45 days access to ShaeWellness
  • Onboarding workshop + Readiness call
  • 5 x weekly 1 hour interactive sessions to enhance their application and results
    • Topics all listed below
  • Access to Messenger facilitated support groups
  • A Pulse check call to support you in your business integration of these principles
  • 2 x 1-1 coaching sessions with a leading ShaeWellness consultant (45min + 30min)
  • An exclusive, ‘Biology in leadership – Masterclass’ (60min) that will take place in week 3 of the challenge – run by Dr Cam
  • A Pulse Check Platinum – designed to provide advanced support in business integration of principles

What’s in a coaching session?

A qualified ShaeWellness consultant will take you through personalised goal setting, Shae profile run down, specific implementation strategies for yourself, workplace tips, and accountability that helps you get the result that you want in the 30 days.
Be coached with an understanding of your biology and experience an elevated immersion like no other!

K2 Elite Immersion Activities:
Starts Jan 31st – Ends Mar 7th

Your Immersion starts on Monday, Jan 31st, where we get set over 2 weeks then jump right into feeding, fueling, and focusing on mental and physical health for 30 days! Check your Team Chat Thread for the latest info, tips, and camaraderie! Thank you to the Team Leaders!

Call Replays

On this call ShaeWellness covers: Challenge introduction and overview; what is Epigenetics & Personalised Health; what can I expect to see in my app and personalised profile; and how you can start to prepare this week.

On this call we get completely set up in the app and in our mindset. We explore what’s in the app; getting your profile set up; and the very important step of setting your initial goals and intention!

It’s week 1 and you now have full access to your Challenge app! Your week 1 call is a super interactive and engaging session designed for you to fast track understanding your app and how to use it for your best physical wellness! Plus, this is your sneak peak introduction into the revolution of workplace communication.

Your week 2 call is a super interactive and engaging session designed for you to have better awareness of your own mental health and for those around you. Mental health is affected in many different ways, some causing stress but others causing ease. Each day is a constant flux, but knowing how to balance out in the ways that come most naturally for you can make all the difference! Watch now to better understand who you are, without the stress. Plus, watch to the end to find out about this week’s bonus round to earn more points for your team!

Enjoy diving deeper into the science behind Shae.ai as you rally up to reach the HALF WAY mark of your Challenge!! On this call Dr Cam McDonald answers your questions from your group WhatsApp threads LIVE. Enjoy!!

Week 3 is all about understanding YOU and the unique things that can cause, or reduce, your stress. The best way for all of us to avoid stress is to be in flow, and this comes when you play to your strengths and do things you enjoy.  This call helps you to navigate Shae to support your flow, encounter more meaningful moments, and to reduce your physical and mental stress in a way that is personalised to you.  Plus, watch to the end to find out about this week’s level-up bonuses to earn more points for your team and the chance to share in the $5000 Bupa Prize Pool!!

We’ve all had 3 weeks to build up our own internal mindset around making healthy choices. This week is all about the fact we are here sharing the journey alongside our teammates and colleagues at work, and family and friends at home. There is a reason why there are 100+ others alongside you doing this Challenge, and today we learn  how we can have a great mindset together as a team and a community to really rally up and support and inspire each other to achieve greatness on our collective journey towards health and happiness!

Live Call Links

How to join the Weekly Calls
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link
9.00am AWST / 11.00am AEST / 12.00pm AEDT / 11.30am ACDT
Download Zoom on one of your devices and connect with the link

Meet The Challenge Support Team

We Are Ready To Support You Through This Amazing 30-Day Challenge

You will be onboarded with your profile, join your super star team, get familiarised and ready, and then leap into best health with outputs designed specifically for your current biological make up and gene expression. You will win if you participate, engage and approach the immersion with an open mind. Never before has it been so personal, and so be ready to try things that you haven’t before!

Dr Cam McDonald
VP Education

Dr Cam is a leader, educator, scientist, motivator and a Crusader on a mission. Being an educator & mentor to hundreds of health professionals, a dedicated health practitioner and coach to thousands of individuals over his career, and a committed father and partner, Cam has a wisdom and manner that draws out the best in people, and allows them confidently take a positive step towards their best life. One of the lightbulb moments for him was understanding that individuals are built with unique biology. Not just physical (nutrition and exercise) biology, but the way each individual mentally and emotionally navigates the world is built into their genetics and development as well. Working with ShaeWellness and the principles of how the brain and body are interconnected systems, has allowed him to support individuals to fully understand their natural make up (through measurement of their phenotype), and harness their natural strengths to support their endeavours, both in health and career.

Sage Monkman
ShaeWellness Coach

Sage holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with 20 years of demonstrated experience in the wellness and fitness industry skilled in coaching, training and education. Over the last 4 years, Sage has been educating health professionals at all levels from medicine to wellness coaching in the application of personalised health through the educational arm of ph360. In addition to this, Sage is a critical part of the ShaeWellness coaching team due to her skills in supporting groups and individuals to better understand themselves, and take accountable and tangible action towards their goals. Her vision is for each of us to develop an acceptance of ourselves and the people around us so we are able to take responsibility for what is in our control and accept what is not. For everyone to have deep appreciation for who they are and what they have to offer the world and how to work together to amplify each other’s genius. An understanding that we are designed to operate as a collective and the best thing we have to offer is our true selves.

Lisa Sams
ShaeWellness Coach

Lisa has a Bachelor of Applied Science Bsc and is a certified health coach. She worked on large international events such as the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games for over 25 years in a range of operational, HR and logistics roles. She is passionate about her family, health and wellness and helping people live their best lives.
Lisa has experienced how it corporate life can create stress that negatively affects every part of life. As a result of these experiences, she is passionate about making a positive difference to peoples’ lives. She brings her experience of the corporate world, paired with her first hand view of the health benefits gained by following ph360 and aligning biology with environment, and how it can positively influence your life and those around you.

Get ahead of the game

Get prepared and confident by learning the basics towards achieving healthy success. These are the videos to watch to help you on your way.

Introducing the HealthTypes

The Healthtype Circle
How the Healthtypes Think
How the HealthTypes Thrive

The social needs of HealthTypes

Part 4: Welcome to the future of health

This is Epigenetics at Work

Shae™: Your Virtual Health Assistant


Foods ranked by best nutritional value for your unique needs


How will you master yours?


How should you connect?


Find out what fitness means for you


Your space and environmental needs


How will you leverage your natural strengths?

30 Day Immersion Team Prizes
and Accolades

Be celebrated as the most committed, inspiring and leading individuals and teams by participating fully in the challenge
The result that matters is making change, doing the behaviour, and supporting those around us.
Who can do it better?

What is ShaeWellness and Personalised Health all about?

Browse the short videos below for some more insights!

Personalised Health is the future of Health

How is Personalised Health relevant to me?

How can I use it in my life?

Part 1: Welcome to the future of health

Part 2: Welcome to the future of health

Part 3: Welcome to the future of health

Part 4: Welcome to the future of health

Part 5: Welcome to the future of health

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Read below, or contact us anytime.

Can I start to create my account, but do photo onboarding later?

To optimise your onboarding experience, wait until you have time to complete the app download, photo onboarding and health questionnaire portions of your Shae app at the same time.

I have a "Locked" Screen, now what do I do?

There’s nothing more you need to do! If you have the app, and you got the locked screen, you are set. The Locked screen is where you should be until Day 1 of your Challenge begins!

What is the 30 Day Challenge?

The 30 Day Health Challenge is 30 days of focusing on YOU! All you need to do is follow along your simple lifestyle prompts from Shae! It’s also a way for companies to demonstrate to their staff they are committed to supporting you to be the happiest and healthiest version of you have ever been! It’s also a fun way to rally together with your coworkers to support one another in improving your health in a positive, collaborative, and supportive environment, with a little friendly competition thrown in the mix for a dash of excitement. And it’s 30 days of FUN! We know the skeptics will say “You can’t say ‘challenge’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence.” But that’s exactly what we mean. ShaeWellness & Shae are on a mission to make healthy living a fun, rewarding, and engaging experience at work and at home.

Why am I participating in this Challenge?

You are participating in this 30 day Mental Health and Physical Wellness Challenge to minimise your mental and physical health risks, and maximise your quality of life! You are being given an opportunity to access the world’s first epigenetic (genetics + lifestyle) health calculator that delivers individualised health information tailored specifically to YOU! It starts with you – getting to know your biology, discovering how unique you are, and what works for you regarding mind, food, stress, sleep, movement, social interactions and teamwork, environment, natural talents and the time of day that is best for all these things! We just happen to be the experts in this area and are excited to take you on this journey of discovering what is best for YOU.

What should I expect?

Expect fantastic results and you will receive them!

Expect to have fun!

Expect to learn fascinating insights!

Expect a little friendly competition!

If you commit to your health and wellness, you can expect to get healthy and happy. The camaraderie, support, teamwork, and connection increases the fun factor and the healthy challenge will improve your sleep, pain, stress, weight, and brain function. Everybody wins!

What do I have to do?

Download your App. Create your Personalised Profile. And put your profile into practice with friendly tips from Shae for 30 days! You are gaining access to personalised health insights unlike anything you have seen before. Make a full-on commitment to your own health for 30 Days by following the insights on your profile and Shae app; Track results as your go; and hop on the LIVE weekly calls for clarity, inspiration, and fun connections! Let’s go!

And watch your stress, confusion, and overwhelm melt away as you learn what is best for your unique body, and begin to FEEL the results – sometimes almost immediately!

Do I really need to take a photo of myself?

The photo scan is used to create your unique avatar. ShaeWellness technology uses how you look on the outside to understand your health on the inside, and then guides and supports your daily lifestyle and health needs. Challengers can set up their profiles at home or in a private space as preferred. ShaeWellness then crunches over 10,000 data points from your unique avatar to personalise suggestions for sleep, stress, mood, food, activity and overall health. ShaeWellness recommends updating your photo at the start, middle and end of the challenge for the most current advice and to track your progress. If preferred, challengers can have the option to use a tape measure instead of taking their photo to create their avatar.

What does that mean – how I “look on the outside”?

Everything you can see, measure (except DNA) and test on your body is categorised as part of your phenotype. The photo is used to create your profile. It allows the ShaeWellness AI technology to measure the body. While this may seem too simple to gain so much insight, there are more than 500 ratios and over 10,000 data points that create a single profile. This includes the calculation of specific genes from the phenotype data. For example, height is related to over 1500 genes, and you can predict height to within 2.5cm based on genes alone. Therefore, the measure of height can translate to the activation of certain genes.

Why am I asked about sex chromosomes when creating my profile?

This Shae™ app onboarding question is referencing your genetic sex chromosomes of XX for female; and XY for male at birth. This genetic chromosome sequence determines different organ formations and hormonal functions and flows in the human body from a medical and scientific standpoint. This question is not referring to gender identity, which is outside of this scope. Because Shae focuses on the unique genetic and epigenetic makeup of a person, Shae needs to know each user’s biology at birth to provide the most relevant advice to an individual.

If I flag that I am not feeling well / mental health / mood is low, how is this managed?

ShaeWellness tracks data over time and makes recommendations to help improve an individual’s mental health including their risks of stress, anxiety or depression. Should a participant sense they require further or specialised mental health support, they should seek support from their personal health professionals.

Who is ShaeWellness?

ShaeWellness is the only Mental Wellbeing & Physical Health epigenetic corporate solution delivering 360 degrees of lifestyle support at work and at home. Informed by over 15 medical and health sciences, the platform delivers an integrated and user-centric physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental health profile, delivered via a mobile-friendly app. The medically-endorsed, scientifically-validated, evidenced-based ShaeWellness technology and accompanying educational modules use advanced epigenetic analysis and AI technology to assess and deliver unique user insights and relays customised behaviour change support to each individual user. ShaeWellness technology is currently being used in over 120 countries by medical experts, corporate clients, and corporate wellness practitioners alike.

What is “epigenetics” and how does it relate to health and wellbeing?

Your DNA is your virtually unchanging blueprint. It holds the information on how to create every reaction and response within your body. Genes are small segments of the DNA that code for the specific production of molecules, that when produced, create a change in the body, which is called a change in phenotype. The science of epigenetics is the study of the activity ‘on’ or ‘outside of’ genes. Epigenetics explains the external modifications that lead to an activation or deactivation of a gene. Your phenotype is the end result of all the different gene activations that have occurred during your life. Genes activate based on the environment around the body. The body responds to the environment, i.e. any given change in the environment will create a gene or genes to activate in order to help the body adjust and survive based on the new information it has received about the environment. In short, your behaviours and environment – such as diet, exercise, sleep, where you spend your time, social activity – can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.

What technology do I need to be involved?

You will need a smartphone to access the Shae app. The challenge is run through the Shae app.

Are points awarded to individuals, or each team?

Points are accumulated by each Team member. These contribute to your Team’s final points tally.

What is the time commitment?

The challenge is designed to be tailor-made for every individual, so the ‘time commitment’ is really about incorporating new or adjusted habits and activities into your daily routine, as suggested by your profile. To help you get the most out of the challenge, be aware there is a 30mins  – Demystifying Epigenetics and Challenge Overview Info Session; 45mins on-boarding session; 20mins to create your unique avatar in the Shae app; 1 x 45mins live call each week over 5 weeks; 1 x 30mins Awards call. Your Challenge support includes accessing the app as often as you like; access to on-demand 1:1 health coaching via Whatsapp or text; group support with your Challenge Team via Whatsapp; daily notifications via your app; and daily support emails. All designed to support your best 30 health challenge experience.

I interact with customers / patients / clients as part of my role. Can I get involved?

Yes you can! Of course, customers and patients are still your priority. Each day in the ShaeWellness app you will see ‘Daily Routine’ which will guide you with healthy choices and activities to optimise your physical and mental health, unique to you. If you can’t easily access your phone during the day, take the time to check out the Daily Routine before you start your work day. You will also receive notifications throughout the day from the ShaeWellness app. So, you may choose to catch up on the Challenge during breaks, or before and after work.

What if I can’t attend the on-boarding session or the weekly sessions?

All sessions will be recorded and posted here on this webpage to catch up on if it’s just not possible to attend at the scheduled time.

What sort of information will I be asked to provide?

ShaeWellness will be asking for certain information in order to create your profile and unique avatar. You will be asked to take two full-length photos of yourself, one front on and one side profile. You will also complete a questionnaire about your family history, health, your lifestyle and environment. This is information provided to ShaeWellness and your company does not have access to this data. In order to be able to participate in the challenge, you will be required to accept the ShaeWellness privacy policy. For more information on how ShaeWellness handles your personal information, you may wish to read its Privacy Policy, available here.

What happens to my pictures?

All photos that are taken on your device and stored locally get deleted when you remove the app from your phone.

How is my data stored?

ShaeWellness operate a highly secure system. Secure storage and data handling processes are applied to all data. All data is stored within secure AWS Cloud Services (utilising Australia-based servers). As part of Shae’s Information Classification Standard, controls are defined and identity access management procedures are in place to prevent unauthorised access to data as per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO27001) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ShaeWellness authorised staff are the only authorised persons who will have access to any personal data for the purpose of conducting the challenge and reporting de-identified trends to the company client.

How is my data used by ShaeWellness?

All data gathered by ShaeWellness is used for analyses within Shae’s ecosystem for the purpose of calculating and providing user recommendations and improving the user’s experience. There are no external providers that will have access to any personally identifiable data, external to Shae’s system. Non-personally identifiable information (i.e. data that cannot be traced back to an individual by an external provider) is exchanged with third parties for tracking app usage and activities such as crashes, bugs or click rates however no user data besides a non-identifiable ID is used in communication with third party analytics providers. If a participant chooses to connect their Apple Health or Google Fit app to activate the ‘Wearables’ feature inside the Shae app, then the participant is choosing to share additional information into Shae (this is a one-way authorisation, and Shae does not share any data with Apple or Google Fit). In order to be able to participate in the challenge, you will be required to accept the ShaeWellness privacy policy. For more information on how ShaeWellness handles your personal information, you may wish to read its Privacy Policy, available here.

What information will participants have access to?

Challengers will have access to their own personal profile created inside the app via photo scans, surveys or wearables, as well as insights generated by ShaeWellness. This will be accessible inside each challenger’s mobile application. You will learn your HealthTypeTM – one of six psycho-social profiling categories similar to a personality profile, built upon deeper science than just psychology. Challengers can learn the HealthType of others in the challenge to apply healthy social and interpersonal insights. Once the challenge is finished, this information will not be available, so make the most of it while you can!

Where can I learn more?

This video explains participant information, challenge outcomes and benefits. This whitepaper highlights benefits and results of the 30-day challenge.

Need more support?

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For all your ShaeWellness30 support and questions support@shaewellness.com

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If you would like to contact ShaeWellness directly regarding any feedback from your ShaeWellness30 experience or for any other related enquiries, please contact your ShaeWellness Liaison support@shaewellness.com.