Elevate engagement with hyper-personalization


How rested do you feel this morning, Rosie?

Empowering Authenticity

Time for a Glow Up, Not Burn Out

Epigenetics identifies the unique strengths and talents your staff’s dna was designed to deliver. Empowering them to understand their unique contributions to the team, and what steps to take to keep them in top performance.

Unprecedented Relevance

Real-Time Updates and Insights

We can guarantee your employees have not received this level of scientific insights into their body, mind, and lifestyle habits. Each profile and corporate dashboard is dynamic, and updates in real-time to keep the info relevant and timely to immediate needs.

Healthy Culture

Retain with Purpose

It’s fresh, vibrant, inclusive, and empowering. Where each person understands how their talents are contributing to the whole company, co-creating a flourishing culture where everyone thrives in their gene-ius.

Hear how a Westpac Private Wealth executive uses ShaeWellness to manage her busy team.

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It’s rare for a whole staff to engage in something like a Health Challenge and the ShaeWellness team certainly provided the knowledge, intrigue support, challenge, fun and relevance to make this a huge success…it brought everyone together as a team.
Racha Makki, Deputy Principal

Playford College

A healthy team gets healthy results.

Ready to drive healthy results into the dna of your company?