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Precision Health Platform

ShaeWellness motivates users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

We combine the ShaeWellness Personal Health Code with automated coaching to guide users towards improving their mental health and physical wellbeing.

The Wellness Solution For HR Teams

A great culture equals a great team and happy, healthy teams are more productive.

Configure Your Ideal Solution

Combine any components of ShaeWellness technology and create the solution that fits your business needs.

Fully customized systems, whitelabelling, and more.

We Quantify Health So You Can Measure Results

Healthy Habits Index

The Healthy Habits Index helps you know how well you’re doing. A scientifically calculated percentage based on your body (who you naturally are), your mind (how you feel today) and your lifestyle (what you’ve been doing recently) that reflects your current level of healthy living.

Simple and Clear

Represents the health of a person and their lifestyle with a single value between 0 and 100.

Real and Tangible

A personal and engaging experience that motivates and supports to improve wellbeing.

Personal Health Code

The Personal Health Code – our precision health risk algorithm API – enables companies and HR providers to analyse and support the natural genius, physical and mental health risks and culture compatibility of the people in their organisations.

Automated Engagement

Responds and interacts with the user through AI to increase engagement and create positive behavior change.

Machine Learning

Calculate relative risk with limited data and refines accuracy with machine learning and further data input.

Access is Simplified

Use the ground-breaking ShaeWellness technology to build your own digital health platforms.

Shae can plan all your meals for you to optimize each day
Shae can plan all your meals for you to optimize each day
Shae can plan all your meals for you to optimize each day
Shae can plan all your meals for you to optimize each day

Start with a 30-Day Challenge

Create a buzz in your workplace with the ShaeWellness 30-Day Challenge! Journey in teams through 30 days of healthy, fun and interactive activities.

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