You’ve registered your organisation’s official Team entry, and are on your way to winning Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge!

To recap, here’s what you signed up for

  • A national campaign dedicated to building mental wellness, physical health, and overall resiliency across Australia’s workforce!
  • 30 days where HEALTH is top priority!
  • Sharing a fun and lively experience with your colleagues and Team!
  • An easy way to keep health a priority in 2021 as we learn a “New Normal” together
  • More info to come your way in the next 2 – 3 business days, a ShaeWellness representative will be in touch to personalise this experience for you and your team!

Important Details

Key Dates – Mark these in your Calendar!
Official Announcement of Final Teams: March 28th, 2021
Official Onboarding and Preparation: March 29th – April 11th, 2021
30 Day Challenge Official Start Date: April 12th, 2021
30 Day Challenge Official End Date: May 11th, 2021
Awards & Prize Presentations: May 26th, 2021

What you may not have realised….

Your 30 Day Health Challenge allows you to experience first-hand the world’s most advanced and precise ai-driven corporate mental wellness and physical health technology.

With a global mission to end chronic disease and pain by 2050, ShaeWellness is leading the corporate wellness conversation in precision health with the first ai-driven epigenetic digital platform. If you think this is a serious mission, you should see how serious we are about your data privacy.

We believe in #Tech4Good, and we are on a mission to intersect the physical, biological, ecological, and digital worlds to empower accessible health care in every individual on the planet.

What you need to know from here

Advanced far beyond mouth swabs and bodily fluid testing, the ShaeWellness tech crunches over 10,000 data points using over 500 different algorithms for each user from a simple, easy-to-use health questionnaire.

It even impresses us. No more waiting weeks and weeks to submit and receive a genetic report of confusing gene coding to get precise health insights.

Now you complete a clean and easy online questionnaire, done in 30mins, to give you an immediate full-scale lifestyle guide completely customised to your unique DNA and gene set at the click of a “Submit” button.

With genetically-accurate nutrition and lifestyle recommendations customised for each person, the ShaeWellness30 creates a fun, educational, and engaging wellness experience for each individual, every team, and the entire workplace.

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